Buying a home?

    Buying a home is counted as one of the more stressful, yet oh so exciting, events in your life.

    The simple name and phone number seem so impersonal,  we try to go a few steps deeper because we here at Austin International Group want to take a lot of that stress off our buyers.
    Here are just a few questions to think about when looking for your next home:

    • Why do you want to buy a house?
    • Have you ever bought or sold a house before?
    • Where and how long ago and where?
    • Do you have a home to sell before you purchase your next?
    • Are you currently in a lease or renting?
    • How much time is left on the lease?
    • How soon do you need to be in your next home?
      • Home Wish List
        # of Beds?       # of Baths?   Minimum Sqft?   How many stories?
      • Type (house, condo, townhome)
      • Resale?          New Construction?
      • Area(s)
      • Home MUST HAVES?


    Contact one of our team members today and let us help you find exactly what you are looking for.