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    Ms. Bessy Garsia, told me that for her to buy a house it would be a LONG shot— but if anyone could make that happen would be me. (No pressure👍🏻😯) she said she was not going to stop calling me until I found her a house. 🏡🏡📱📞☎️
    We quickly connected her to get approval & once she we got through the financing hurdle (lenders ask you for everything except your DNA) jk we were able to go shopping for a house. This time was shopping came with a different twist & story. We saw 1 house but I did not see excitement from Bessy. After I showed that house, I remember one of my client lives in same street & was going to list his house for sale in few months. I thought this would be great opportunity for my seller to sell his house – hassle free. So I knocked in Justin’s house & told him that I had a buyer that wanted to see his house today. Justin was very surprised by this , a buyer and his realtor knocking in his door. Within 24 hours I had an offer from Bessy to Justin – Bessy fell in love with 😍 the house. Today we closed on Bessy home and real dream come true. And we are closing on Justin’s new gorgeous home later today. The Austin International team Daniel MartinezTashina MaijalaJennifer Longoria and David Ponce are happy to have made this dream a reality for our clients. It is important to have a team on your side that thinks outside the box to get things done and exceeds clients expectations. 🏡 Thank you Ms. Bessy, Justin & Celeste for choosing us to help you this is such a great 👍🏻 accomplishment 🤩🤩🔑🔑 
    How much is my home worth👉🏻

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