Door Knocking!

    I have been door knocking the past week and let me tell you, I have gone from a nervous wreck to a confident Real Estate Agent.

    Look at yourself in the mirror before you walk out the door to go door knocking:
    1: Make sure you dress sharp not to formal but professional!
    2: Us proper shoe wear, remember that you will be walking and if your feet hurt your face is going to reflect the pain.
    3: Look at the weather before stepping out! (If it is windy try not wearing a dress)

    The next step to being the best door knocker in your profession is to be positive.
    Remember to leave behind all your problems, worries, and your personal relationships.
    If you are having a hard day then leave door knocking for the next business day when you are having a better day.

    Take someone with you, when you are walking a neighborhood with some one else(another real estate agent, insurance agent,loan officer etc.) you will be more relaxed.

    Last but very important is to be prepared, do your homework about the neighborhood. Not the most fun part of real estate.
    1: Tax records
    2: CMA’s for the neighborhood
    As you walk out the door and your mouth gets dry and your hands get sweaty remember, that every time you go, you are closer to your yearly goal!!!

    Happy Door Knocking
    Janette Ybarra Successful Realtor Specializing in Buyers Education
    Austin International Group at Keller Williams Realty

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